The finest quality hair from the world’s best brands


The finest quality hair from the world’s best brands


Tape extensions are fast becoming the newest hair extension trend out there. This is mainly due to the fact they provide the same wow factor as all other hair extension methods, but tapes are significantly quicker to apply and are considered gentler on your natural hair.

Tape extensions are thin tape wefts around 1 inch wide, they are pre taped with medical grade tape and no heat is needed throughout the application, making it suitable for the most delicate of hair types. The hair is placed between two pieces of tape and pressed together like a sandwich, they are designed to be secure and comfortable but most importantly give you more length and volume while blending beautifully with your natural hair. Application is very speedy and they last between 6-10 weeks, the hair is then removed and then re-taped and put back in the hair. With correct care and maintenance the hair can last up to 6-9 months.

various colors of straight adhesive tape in human hair extensions
  • To make your extensions transition beautifully from your normal hair I recommended to have a minimum 4 inches of natural hair.

  • Tape extensions are much kinder to your natural hair, there is no heat involved and they are applied to a larger surface area unlike other hair extension methods, meaning they minimise stress to the scalp and roots.

  • Around 1 hour for a full head application (that’s not including cutting the hair or styling).

  • Tape extensions last 6-10 weeks on average depending on how thick your natural hair is and the speed your natural hair grows. However, if maintained properly, your tape extensions can be re-used. 

  • I offer a totally bespoke service to each client, so prices depend on your hair thickness, length and the finished look you want to achieve. To receive an accurate quote Contact Me to book a consultation.

  • Yes. Unlike other hair extension methods, tape extensions can be reused 3 times if cared for correctly.

  • I recommend washing your hair 3-4 times a week, however if you have an oily hair type then wash as often as you need to. I recommended using sulphate free products which help to maximise the length of time you can keep hair extensions in.

  • Yes the hair extensions are 100% human hair, so you can use your hair dryer, tongs, wands and straightens within moderation. Remember, with excessive use of heat the extensions can become damaged just the same as your natural hair.

  • Yes you can have a T section colour applied while wearing extensions, but a full head/roots colour would not be advised. It’s possible for the hair colouring to get in between the tapes, causing damage to your natural hair and also interfere with the tape adhesive. I recommended waiting until your maintenance is due and all the tapes are removed before applying a full head colour or full head of highlights.

  • Different climates & environments can effect your hair extensions, so when you go on holiday extra care is needed. Hair extensions don’t really like chlorine, salt water, hard water or lots of sun exposure but hair care on holiday doesn’t have to be difficult.

    So here are some tips….

    • Try to avoid sea water & chorine when wearing hair extensions but if u do like to swim try to keep your head above the water. If you do submerge your hair in the sea or pool then i recommend rinsing it well or ideally washing it with shampoo immediately after, as salt and chlorine can cause discolouration, dryness and tangling.
    • Leave conditioner on the middle and ends can helps as a barrier against the chorine/salt water.
    • It’s good to cover your hair when in direct sunlight for a long time with a hat or scarf.
  • Always use a good quality, sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, but only condition the middle and ends. Use a heat protector product on the hair before styling and remember, because hair extension do not have there own follicles and lie slightly away from the roots they do not receive any of the natural oils your own hair receives, so it’s important to help keep them in good condition and reduce the chance of them drying out.

Jaime used tape extensions to create Dani Dyer's stunning look

Jaime used tape extensions to create Dani Dyer's stunning look


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